Department of Computer Science & Engineering

B.Sc. Evening Program

Program Objective:
The B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) program is designed to produce skilled graduates in the field to satisfy the growing demands of computer engineer graduates at home and abroad. It provides the students an opportunity to obtain broad knowledge of Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Technology with some freedom to tailor the program according to the students’ individual needs.

Eligibility for Admission:
Students having minimum GPA of 2.5 or second division both in SSC and Diploma-in-Engineering holders from different poly technique institutes under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) can get admission. The holders of Diploma-in-Engineering holders in Computer, Electronic & Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and other technologies are encouraged to apply for B.Sc. Engineering in CSE program
Total Credit Hours Requirement and Duration of the Program:
To obtain B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), a student will have to complete 145 credits with a minimum CGPA of 2.50. If any student fails in any course, she/he will get opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the same in the subsequent semesters. However the Diploma-in-Engineering holders of Computer, Electronics & Electrical, and other technologies will get 30 credits waiver from the total credit requirements.

Program Outline:
The University runs three Terms / Semesters per year. A suggested outline for the execution of the B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program is given below:

Level-1 Term-1

 Course Code  Course Title  Credit Hours
 MAT 121  Mathematics II: Linear algebraand Coordinate Geometry  3
 CSE 131  Discrete Mathematics  3
 ENG 113  English Language-I  3
 PHY 123  Physics- II: Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics  3
 PHY 123L  Physics-II Lab  1


Level-1 Term-2

 Course Code  Course Title   Credit Hours
 CSE 213  Algorithms  3
 CSE 213L  Algorithm Lab  1
 ACC 214  Accounting  3
 ECO 314  Economics  3
 MAT 134  Mathematics III : Ordinary and PartialDifferential Equations  3


Level-1 Term-3

 Course Code  Course Title   Credit Hours
 CSE 221  Theory of Computing  3
 CSE 222  Object Oriented Programming  3
 CSE 222L  Object Oriented Programming Lab  1
 MAT 211  Mathematics-IV : Engineering Mathematics  3
 STA 223  Statistics  3


Level-2 Term-1

 Course Code  Course Title   Credit Hours
 CSE 231  Microprocessor and Assembly Language  3
 CSE 231L  Microprocessor and assembly Language Lab  1
 CSE 224  Electronic Devices and Circuits  3
 CSE 224L  Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab  1
 CSE 232  Instrumentation and Control  3
 CSE 233  Data Communication  3


Level-2 Term-2

 Course Code  Course Title   Credit Hours
 CSE 322  Computer Architecture and Organization  3
 CSE 313  Computer Networks  3
 CSE 313L  Computer Networks Lab  1
 CSE 311  Database Management System  2
 CSE 311L  Database Management System Lab  1
 CSE 312  Numerical Methods  3


Level-2 Term-3

 Course Code  Course Title   Credit Hours
 CSE 331  Compiler Design  3
 CSE 331L  Compiler Design Lab  1
 CSE 413  Simulation and Modeling  3
 CSE 413L  Simulation and Modeling Lab  1
 CSE 323  Operating System  3
 CSE 323L  Operating System Lab  1


Level-3 Term-1

 Course Code  Course Title   Credit Hours
 CSE 321  System Analysis and Design  3
 CSE 321L  System Analysis and Design Lab  1
 CSE 421  Computer Graphics  3
 CSE 421L  Computer Graphics Lab  1
 CSE 431  E-Commerce & Web Application  3
 MGT 414  Industrial Management  3


Level-3 Term-2

 Course Code  Course Title   Credit Hours
 CSE 412  Artificial Intelligence  3
 CSE 412L  Artificial Intelligence Lab  1
 CSE 411  Communication Engineering  3
 CSE 332  Software Engineering  3
 CSE 499  Project Phase I  3


Level-3 Term-3

 Course Code  Course Title   Credit Hours
 CSE 333  Peripherals & Interfacing  3
 CSE 432  Computer and Network Security  3
 CSE 499  Project/Internship (Phase II)  3
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