Department of Computer Science & Engineering

M.Sc. Program

Objectives of the M. Sc. Program
The M. Sc. Program in Computer Science and Engineering is designed to produce the engineers with the ability to apply technical knowledge and skills with creativity. The program develops competence necessary for effective computing involving computer hardering with some freedom to tailor the program according to the student’s individual needs.

Eligibility for Admission
The requirements for admission to M. Sc. Program in Computer Science and Engineering are:

  1. Completion of B.Sc. degree with the strong background of Physics and Mathematics from a university or an accredited institution of higher education.
  2. The applicant must have the CGPA of 2.5 or above (on a scale of 4.0), or at least second class in the B. Sc. degree.
  3. The applicant must have completed the enlisted prerequisite courses or their equivalent.
  4. Applicant, who has not completed the enlisted prerequisite course, will be admitted on condition that he/she will complete these courses in one or two   semesters

Evaluation of applicants for admission is based primarily on the student’s academic record in relevant undergraduate coursework. Applicants are expected to have sufficient knowledge in undergraduate level mathematics and be familiar with common software Packages. Provisional admission can be given to an applicant awaiting the result of his/her B.Sc. degree.

Degree Requirement and Duration of the Program
The summary of the total credit hours for the M. Sc. Program is given below:

Program Courses Credits Total credits
Project-based 9 Courses (9 x 3) = 27 36 credits
Project 8
Seminar 1
Thesis based 6 Courses (6 x 3) = 18 36 credits
Thesis 17
Seminar 1

Students from academic discipline, other than CS/CSE or equivalent will be required to complete a maximum of 24 credit hours prerequisite courses in addition to the 36 credit hours mentioned above and hence need to complete the total of 60 credit hours. The duration of the course may vary from three to six semesters depending on how many prerequisite courses a student has to undertake. Generally, students who have completed the prerequisite courses prior to admission should be able to complete the required program within three semesters.  

Program Outline
Prerequisite Courses (Academic Discipline other than CSE/CIS/CS): 24 Credits)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSE131 Discrete Mathematics 3
CSE133 Data Structures with Lab 3+1=4
CSE212 Digital Logic Design with Lab 3+1=4
CSE221 Theory of Computing 3
CSE222 Object-oriented Programming with Lab 3+1=4
CSE233 Data Communication 3
CSE311 Database Management System with Lab 3+1=4
CSE321 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CSE322 Computer Architecture and
Organization with Lab
CSE323 Operating Systems with Lab 3+1=4
CSE331 Compiler Design with Lab 3+1=4

Core Course (4 Courses, 12 Credits)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSE501 Advanced DBMS 3
CSE502 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3
CSE503 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
CSE504 Software Development Methodology 3
CSE505 High-speed Computer Networks 3
CSE506 Microprocessor and Microcomputers 3
CSE507 Advanced Graph Theory 3

Elective Courses (Project-based: 5 Courses, 15 Credits; Thesis based: 2 Courses, 6 Credits)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSE601 Computational Geometry 3
CSE602 Parallel and Distributed Systems 3
CSE603 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3
CSE604 Speech and Language Processing 3
CSE605 Machine Translation 3
CSE606 Cryptography and Information Security 3
CSE607 Distributed Database System 3
CSE608 Wireless and Mobile Systems 3
CSE609 Computer Graphics & Visualization 3
CSE610 Electronic Commerce 3
CSE611 Web Programming 3
CSE612 Image Processing 3
CSE613 Embedded System Design 3
CSE614 Parallel Algorithms 3
CSE615 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3
CSE616 Software Analysis and Design 3
CSE617 Advanced Optical Communication Systems 3
CSE618 Software Engineering Research Method 3
CSE619 Computer Systems Verification 3
CSE620 Software Project Management 3
CSE621 Machine Learning Technique 3
CSE622 Interactive Multimedia Design and Development 3
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