Department of computer Science & Engineering


Nasif Ahmed

I got myself admitted to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Daffodil International University on Summer 2011 and graduated on Spring 2014. Being a student of this department was a phenomenal experience for me. The quality which makes this department special is the interaction between teachers and students. Most of the teachers are true wellwishers of their students and always ready to help. In case of any problem, regardless the context, I used to my teachers for suggestions and they were always there to help.

The department is also well aware of the the extra curriculars which support students to grow as a whole. Various events are regularly organized and students are motivated to join. ACM ICPC contests and training, App development workshops, technical seminars and other cutting edge activities are regularly held at the department. Students who are interested in research are also inspired and necessary measures are taken to guide them to the right direction.
Regularly participating in the programming contests arranged by the department plus my own interest made my pathway very easy to find a suitable place in the software industry. By the grace of Allah, I managed to get a few job offers even before my graduation. 

I met some wonderful people during my times at DIU. Even after more than one year of graduating, I still am in touch with my teachers and lucky to have their blessings. Whoever and whatever I am today, Department of CSE, Daffodil International University has a great contribution in my life If someone is really dedicated and hardworking, this department has the environment to make that student successful

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